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Friday, May 6, 2011

Graduation Card

I created this Graduation File so I could make a couple of graduation cards.  The card opens from the left.  There is an insert to cut of just half of the card, that way you can glue it on the inside to print the verse on.   I was going to save the card for the shape card hop, it starts next weekend.  But I thought someone might be able to use it before then.  Everything is included but the name.  I did also include a cut file for the tassel but I made mine out of embroidery floss.  The tassel is wound around a small blue brad that is in the center of the top.  And yes I know I glued the name on a bit off center. The hat is cut in two pieces, it almost looks like one in the picture.  But the glue was already dry when I noticed it so that's how it will stay.  Feel free to re-size the image but please do not reshare it or claim it as your own.



  1. Vicki this is awesome! I love it. Hey I just saw that you are at exactly 100 followers! YAY!

    Smiles Sher

  2. Thanks for sharing your card. It looks great and yet easy to construct.

  3. Thanks for the great file, I need to make a couple of graduation cards this year. I like the hat look. Anita in OK

  4. Vicki, This is so awesome, I didn't realize you were sending this to Alex. I had a duh moment. LOL
    He just recieved it in the mail today and its beautiful.
    Thank you so much for that and the something extra that you added to it. He was really excited about recieving both.
    Thank you again, Smiles Sher

  5. Vicki come check out the graduation card box I made for my son. I used your card that you made for him on it. Its adorable.