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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fire Hydrant

I made this fire hydrant to go with your dog cards or scrap pages.  I did it in MTC however my color option to color in the sections to make it easier to figure out the sections has quit working.  Likewise on the last couple files I made and posted.  I have not cut this file yet so if you run into problems please let me know.  Draw the lines in that are on the leaves etc.  This image was purchased from

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dog Bone

This bone would go cute with you pet scrapbook pages or just on a card.  I have not cut it yet so the image below is the image I used to create the file.  I bought the image from Country Clip art by Trina you can find it at Please do not share the file with anyone, if they want it send them to my blog.

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Clown Face

I thought this clown would make a cute kids card.  This image is not a card like some of my others it is just his face.  He is quite large so feel free to resize him.  I have not cut this file yet so if you do and have any problems please let me know.  I would love to see what you did with him if you do use the file.  Posted below is the image I used to make the file.  It came from Country clipart by Trina at  I did not make an image to cut the eyebrows so I would suggest drawing them on, the same goes for the eyelashes.  I did make a cut file for the mouth but that could be drawn on also.  Same goes for the highlights on the nose and in the eyes, just draw them in.

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