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Friday, April 29, 2011


 I did the frog in multi layers.  I have not cut him yet but this is how I would lay it out when I do.  Cut the back legs out of a little darker shade of green.  Then layer the main body over that with just a tad lighter color.   Sponge ink that layer with a color that is close to the back leg layer color.  Then cut 5 small circles in the darker green shade (the same paper you used for the back legs) these circles are the spots on the body.  I only made one circle pattern, just use it to cut 5 all together.  Next layer the front legs, use a micro pen to draw the line that separates the feet.  Then the head, I would cut this in the lighter green and sponge ink it similar to the body.  Draw the mouth and chin with the micro pen and use the dark green to cut the two small ovals for the nose.  Cut two eyes then use a small googly purchased eye to glue here.  I think he is cute I can’t wait to cut him.  He would look nice in a scrap layout next to the watering can file I created.
He too was made from clip-art I purchased at please follow the rules for using him.  Click on the link above my email to go to her web-page.  She has some nice very in expensive clip-art for sale.   Do not re-share or claim him as your creation.  Feel free to re-size as needed.


  1. I love your files and just downloaded a few. Thanks so much!
    Fondly, Tami

  2. Thank you for sharing your file. This frog is so cute. You do amazing work.

  3. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Everything here makes me smile. Thanks.

  5. He makes me smile too. What a happy frog. I am going to have to make something with him.

  6. Thanks Vicky for the sharing the cute from cut file!